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Short term financing for seasonal business

Do you own a seasonal business? If so, you know that your business goes through high and low periods with revenue. In slow times or during your off months, it can be difficult if not impossible to pay expenses. One of the best ways to work with seasonal businesses and stay on the upswing is to use short-term financing, such as a merchant cash advance.

Why Merchant Cash Advance is a Good Idea

Short-term financing helps you manage your cash flow needs, regardless of the time of year it may be. High and low sales months make no difference. Also, if you decide you need business funding you can take from the financing to make those off season repairs etc.

Avoiding a complete shut down of your business might require extra funding as well. A low-income season could devastate the funds you need to keep your business running. A merchant cash advance  can prevent that from happening.

There are countless examples of seasonal businesses. Roofing companies, construction businesses, summer recreational businesses and more fall into this category. After you’ve stripped your business down to the basics, and there isn’t much else to cut, the next step is to look for business capital elsewhere.

Merchant cash advance can be one of the best financing options for your business.

What to Consider with Merchant Cash Advance

First, the funds you receive  must be paid back. Unlike with a traditional business loan where you’re required to put up collateral in exchange for funding or have a fixed repayment schedule, merchant cash advance is flexible. Essentially, the financer of a merchant cash advance is ‘buying’ a portion of your future sales.

Some things to consider when thinking about merchant cash advance include:

  • What you need funds for (equipment, working capital, or to get your business started in the off season)
  • Projected growth (how long will it take to pay ‘back’ your advance?)
  • What are your current credit card and debit card sales like?

We highly recommend Merchant Cash Advances for seasonal funding. They are fast, easy to obtain, and provide you with the cash you need. For a small percentage of your future receivables, you can pay back your advance and survive any off season.

At Legend Advance Funding, we offer MCAs for small businesses. If you struggle in the offseason, then please contact us to learn more about this business financing option.

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