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Forecasting Cashflow

One of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is running out of cash. Forecasting cashflow is an important way to mitigate that risk.

Cashflow forecasting is a way for a business to project its future financial standing based on anticipated payments and receivables.

Clearly, this information can benefit your business in securing business capital and can empower your financing options.

In the same vein, there are many challenges to properly forecasting cash flow for any sized business.

One challenge is poor communication…

Don’t Let Communication Come Between You & Accurate Cashflow

Even in a small business, your entire team needs to be on the same page with cashflow metrics.

Your managers need to be on the lookout for the little details that can affect your cashflow.

Regular communication between you and your staff can help you get a clear picture of where you stand.

However, even if you do have excellent communication with your staff, another issue at play is human error.

Human Error


If you use traditional spreadsheets to track your cashflow, you could face human error in your spreadsheet.

Manual forecasting is not only time consuming, but it also leaves a ton of room for serious error.

To overcome this challenge, think about investing in a treasury management system that automatically pulls important data from your organization.

It will go leaps and bounds towards making your forecasting cashflow accurate.

Why Forecasting Cashflow is Important


One of the primary reasons that forecasting cashflow is important is business growth. Also, all of your future business planning hinges on your cashflow forecasting.

You can think of a cashflow forecasting as an emergency alert system. If you keep track of your cash flow, you can get the heads up on serious problems before they arise.

Predicting cashflow shortfalls in advance helps your entire team track issues associated with customer payments, outstanding invoices, and how much you’re paying out for your team. Without cashflow forecasting, you’re shooting in the dark.

If you expect to secure business capital at any point, cashflow forecasting is critical. Most financing options require in-depth information regarding your current financial standing. If you don’t have this information ready to go, chances are you won’t get the business funding you need.

The best bet is to forecast your cashflow for at least one year and up to three. Beyond that, your forecasting could get cloudy.

Focus on strengthening your cashflow forecasting to build a stronger business.

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