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Common challenges small business owners face when looking for financing

Whether struggling to hire new quality team members or facing cash flow issues, small business owners often struggle with business funding. Business finances are complex, and they also happen to be at the heart of operations for any successful business. A quality financial situation can keep businesses running, but an overabundance of financial challenges can kill a business on the spot.

The first step is to recognize these challenges and maneuver around them.

Setting & Sticking to a Budget

Any successful operation relies on a clean budget. A good budget helps you see where you are and where you’re going. It helps you keep an eye on expenses and see where you can make cuts.

Create a budget that is realistic for your business goals and stick to it. Use free business budget templates to get started, and then cut wherever possible to keep your business on track.


Whether advertising your business online or offline, marketing is no easy task. In fact, online advertising has become increasingly competitive. For small businesses to compete with bigger businesses, a good deal of money has to be spent. Otherwise, your campaigns will have zero impact on customers. And traditional marketing is even more expensive. Brochures, newspaper and magazine ads and billboards can all make a big impact, but they are very expensive to run ads in. All of this makes successful marketing difficult.

Poor Cash Flow

Cash flow is a hallmark of any successful business. In fact, up to 33 percent of small business owners say that cash flow is one of the greatest challenges. Without cash, you cannot pay your payroll, rent, or business taxes. Purchasing supplies and fulfilling vendor invoices is close to impossible. Clearly, cash flow is a difficultly you must overcome as a company.

Little to No Capital

No business can survive if they are only paying the bare minimum on bills. A healthy amount of cash is essential in today’s marketplace. Working business capital can strengthen your long-term growth efforts, including relocating or opening a second business. If you focus on securing cash capital, you can be more successful. If you’re struggling with business capital, consider contacting Legend Cash Advance for business capital when you need it.

You can avoid serious issues if you learn from the mistakes other business owners have made. Give us a call if you are interested in securing capital to keep your business afloat and successful.

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