Michael Petrycki

Managing Partner

Mr. Petrycki has been in the financial services industry for over 30 years. He brings an expansive managerial and fiscal skillset to Legend Advance Funding, following several prominent positions at highly successful companies. From 1997-2000 Mr. Petrycki was President and CEO of ING Barings America LLC, a member of the ING Group, where he was responsible for over 3,000 employees and revenues of $1 billion. In 2000, Mr. Petrycki founded Fulcrum Global Partners, a leading provider of Independent Research to Institutional Investors. Earlier in his career he held positions at State Street Bank, Lehman Brothers, and Drexel Burnham.

In 2012 Mr. Petrycki  joined Legend Securities, Inc, a full service broker-dealer, as Vice Chairman. While at Legend Securities, Mr. Petrycki, together with Mr. Marlen Vigdorov, saw a void left by slow, low-approval banks and expensive alternative lenders. In 2013 they opened a boutique agency offering a middle ground, Legend Advance Funding II, LLC. Since its inception, Legend Advance Funding has helped finance over 500 companies and counting.

Marlen Vigdorov

Managing Partner

Mr. Vigdorov has worked in finance for nearly a decade. With an extensive background in brokerage on Wall Street,  Mr. Vigdorov understands the complexities of banking and business loans. He entered the financial sector in 2006 as a broker at Meyers Associates L.P. In 2013 he joined Legend Securities, Inc. a full service securities brokerage and investment banking firm. After joining Legend Securities, he and Mr. Petrycki decided to open their own business cash advance company. Mr. Vigdorov directs daily operations of Legend Advance Funding, including budgetary oversight, management of the underwriting and sales departments, and business development.