No, an advance is NOT a loan. With a loan, interest is placed on the money given by the lender based on both a fixed amount and time. The longer it takes to pay back, the more expensive the loan becomes. With an advance, a fixed percentage rate of sales is established up front. We are purchasing your future sales at a discounted rate. Also unlike a loan, we do not require a good personal credit score or collateral. The advance is issued based on your company’s revenue.

We do not fund startups. If you have been in business for over 6 months and have a monthly revenue of over $10,000, you qualify for an advance! Whether your revenue comes from credit cards (MCA) or invoices and bank deposits (ACH), our lending specialists will work with you to get your advance.

Yes. Advances are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and a loan does not necessarily exclude you from eligibility. If you meet our eligibility requirements, reach out to us by chat, email, or phone to speak with one of our specialists about your advance options.

A merchant cash advance (MCA) deducts repayment at point of sale from credit card purchases. Repayment is automatic with sales and based on a percentage. An automated clearing house advance (ACH) is designed for businesses whose revenue does not come primarily from credit cards. Instead, repayment is collected daily in small increments. We are one of the few companies that will sometimes accept weekly or bi-weekly payments.

For an MCA, you can receive up to 200% of your monthly sales, in the range of 5,000-500,000. For an ACH, we typically offer 50-75%, but up to 125% of your monthly sales. ACH amount is lower due to the inherent risk involved in non-direct payment, unlike an MCA, which is automatically repaid with sales. While initial advance amounts may be on the lower end of the spectrum, the more we do business with you, the higher amounts we will advance.

Unlike a bank or a venture capitalist, we will not monitor or restrict your use of your advance. Nobody knows your business better than you do! Whether you need the capital for marketing, equipment, inventory, existing debt, an emergency, or a time-constrained opportunity, you can use our advance as you see fit.

After submitting our five minute, one page application, you will receive a no-obligation offer from one of our underwriters in under 24 hours. Should you chose to accept our offer, your funds will be available in as little as 2-48 hours.

We will deposit the funds directly into your account using the account information provided by a voided check.

You simply need to fill out our one page application with your three most recent months of bank statements. We will then present you with an obligation-free business funding offer. Before depositing the funds in your account we’ll need a copy of your lease, driver’s license, and a voided check.

We pride ourselves on our extensive accessibility. We’re available via online chat or by phone at (888) 851-8859.

Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Several factors, including repayment time frame, underwriting review of business cash flow, and FICO score may affect pricing.

Each cash advance package is specifically tailored to fit your business, including rates. One of our lending specialists will determine the rates you qualify for with a free, no obligation phone consultation. Simply call now to get your rates.

Our in-house underwriters will review the bank statements and application you provided in order to formulate an advance that best fits your business. From there we consult with you, offering multiple options.

Most processors will allow merchants to work with cash advance companies. In the event that yours doesn’t, you may have to switch. Generally there is no early termination fee. If there is, you will be responsible for payment.

Our product is designed to allow businesses with bad credit to still get financing. Our primary consideration in formulating our advances is your company revenue. If you have a profitable business without ideal credit, you may still qualify for an advance.

If you are struggling with repayment, let us know. One of our financial advisors will work with you to make sure you can meet the terms of the advance. We strive to be as flexible as we can to grow your business.

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