What is a Business Cash Advance?

A business cash advance (ACH) is an excellent alternative for business owners that need working capital now but do not generate majority sales from credit cards. Landscaping and home improvement companies, educational services, and medical and dental providers often collect payment via check. By assessing your recent bank statements, our underwriting team provides you an advance offer to be collected incrementally, rather than at point of sale.

We will deduct the pre-determined amount from your checking account automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a payment. We are one of the only companies that will consider weekly or even bi-weekly payments, a testament to our incomparable flexibility.

Legend’s Competitive Advantage

Our company was founded on the belief that business funding should come with higher approval amounts, lower rates, more product options, longer terms, and genuine relationships. As a fully-functional direct lender, we staff our own underwriters and lend our own money. Our in-house structure greatly expedites the lending process, allowing our talented team to carefully consider each and every advance package.

Have a question regarding revenue statements, payment structure, or cash advances in general? One of our expert lending specialists is always available by phone or by chat to answer whatever questions you may have and walk you through every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and understanding, and strive to foster life-long relationships with our clients.

At a Glance

Immediate access to funding
Up to 125% of your monthly revenue on first advance (Amounts increase every time you come back).
The Most Flexible Repayment Options in the Industry
Designed to Help You Grow
No Collateral Required
No Lengthy Wait for Approval
No Impact on Credit Score
No Restriction on Use of Funds

Get approved in 3 easy steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

The ACH structure is designed specifically for those merchants whose revenue is reflected by invoices/bank deposits. If the majority of your revenue is from checks/non-credit sales, an ACH business cash advance is the best option for you. However, depending on your business structure, it is possible to combine MCA and ACH funding.

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Yes, there are fixed payments. Unlike a loan, however, we do not charge interest. We typically accept payments every business day, however, In some cases we will offer a bi-weekly or weekly payment option.

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For the initial capital advance, we typically offer 50-75% of your average monthly sales. We weigh the amount you need to grow effectively with the amount you can handle paying back daily. Our underwriters are skilled at determining the most you can handle based on your current sales in order to efficiently take advantage of growth opportunities. Your success is a mutually beneficial motivator for us, as it enables a long-term partnership of repeat business.

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The inherent risk of the repayment structure limits the amount we can advance you. With credit card processing, repayment is automatically tied to sales, therefore lowering risk. Once you have established a history with us we are more than willing to raise your advance amounts.

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  1. 3 most recent merchant processing statements (if available)
  2. 4 most recent bank statements (All pages-originals only -no internet copies accepted) Note: If the merchant’s business is seasonal we recommend providing 12 months of bank statements.

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No, an advance is NOT a loan. We are purchasing your future sales at a discounted rate. Unlike a loan, we do not require your personal credit score or collateral. The advance is issued based on your company’s revenue.

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