Spark New Business Growth With Fast Access to Working Capital

We fund businesses without collateralizing anything, particularly their futures

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Reach More People With an Expanded Marketing Budget

We fund businesses without collateralizing anything, particularly their futures

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Purchase or Replace Valuable Equipment

We fund businesses without collateralizing anything, particularly their futures

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Expand Into New Markets by Opening a New Location

We fund businesses without collateralizing anything, particularly their futures

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Legend Funding is a top provider of business cash advances to small and medium sized businesses. A quick cash injection through a Merchant Cash Advance or Business Cash Advance can be a powerful tool for any business. From growth initiatives to emergency funding, we provide immediate unsecured lines of credit to your business. Terms for our automated repayment range from 4-24 months.


Step 1: Fill Out The Application

Submit our 1 page application via email or fax along with 3 months most recent bank statements. It should take 5 minutes or less (click to download application)

Step 2: Review Funding Offer Same Day

Once our underwriters review your application, you’ll be presented with an offer, in most cases same-day

Step 3: Get Your Funding Next Day

After you’ve accepted an offer for funding, your money will be transferred directly your account within 24 hours

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Fast & Flexible

One of our lending specialists will work with you to customize the best advance for your business. Funding is available directly to your account in 36 hours or less. Our specialists are readily available and accessible, so you can always access help when you need it. If an unexpected challenge arises, we will work with you to resolve the issue and secure payment without detriment to you or your business.


Lowest Rates

We are so committed to your future business that we are willing to sacrifice some initial return on investment for your business’ sustainability. To achieve this, we offer lower initial rates and add loyalty discounts to get you the most value over time. Once you pay back 50% of your advance, we are willing to offer you more capital as needed. As we establish a working relationship you will notice that we are even more generous with our rates and amounts, allowing you to take on larger projects that yield major results.


Longest Terms

Most alternative funders are looking to capitalize as soon as possible, regardless of how manageable the repayment process is. The short terms and high repayments of other funders can wreak havoc on your business’ cash flow and leave you without enough capital to grow. Extending the term and making repayment sustainable is a cornerstone of our model. We believe repayment shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, but a manageable, mutually beneficial arrangement.


Hassle-Free Application Process

Bank loan applications can be a cumbersome process and a distraction to your business. Due to their size and rigid regulations, banks have standardized risk assessment processes. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar commercial loan, or a small business loan for just a few thousand dollars, every submission is subject to the same meticulous, costly review. You must supply a personal background check, resumes, a business plan, personal and business credit report, tax returns, bank statements, legal documents, and full financials. Months can pass before you find out if you were approved. With Legend, you don’t have to climb mountains of paperwork to get the working capital you need. Simply submit our one-page application along with minimal revenue documentation. One of our lending specialists will get back to you within 2 hours with a no-obligation offer.

Growth Assistance

We are not only direct funders, but also experts in branding, online marketing and social media promotion. If you need assistance building an online presence, our team will supply you with a solid foundation at no additional charge. We offer modern website templates and social media profiles that will entice potential customers and boost your search engine visibility. No other business funding company can provide you with our level of comprehensive and complimentary improvement.

Additional Products & Services

We don’t believe that a cash advance is a replacement for other traditional types of business funding, but a crucial component of an overall cash flow solution. If you choose us as your partner, we are happy to help you secure additional financing sources. Our financial consultants will guide you through the application process for other business loan products in our partner network, such as SBA 7(a), SBA express, business trade lines, and business credit cards.


Cross Promotion

To further augment your Legend Perk Package, we use our marketing platforms to direct customers your way. When we invest capital into a business, we begin a partnership. The more you grow, the more we can look forward to your continued business in the future. Our clients are our most valuable assets. We combine resources, effectively doubling your means of exposure.

DISCLAIMER Advances are made directly by Legend Advance Funding II, LLC. Your actual rate depends upon credit score, advance amount, advance term, and credit usage and history. Repayment terms range from 4-24 months. There is no APR or additional fees. Advances will not impact personal credit score. 

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